How does this work?

Transition Lab is collaborating with, a group in Vermont that has helped set up nearly 1,000 skilled resident exchanges in the last 13 years. They've shared their questionnaires, legal forms, and experience with Transition Lab so we can better facilitate successful skilled resident exchanges in and around Montrose. 

After getting to know hosts and residents, we host Skype interviews between potential matches. Students are screened once they're accepted in our program and the Skype interview helps give both parties an opportunity to sense how compatible their personalities and living preferences are. 

Hosting Jake with Transition Lab was an awesome experience. At first my friends and family were concerned about the idea of letting a stranger live with me, but not only did it turn out to be fun, I greatly benefited from the exchange. Jake develop an incredible website for me, helped me with my computer; and I got 100’s of hours of help in my garden. We also developed quite a friendship and I can’t wait to host again this year.
— Cindy Harwood

If all involved feel like it's a good fit, the student will move in with you at the end of March or June and get to work on whatever you’d like see done in your home and community. We have one term running from March 22nd to October 15th, and a shorter summer program running from June 8th to August 8th. 

Once a resident moves in, the hosts and residents receive ongoing support from Transition Lab and professional facilitators. As the residents gets to work, you will enjoy being a key part of building a more vibrant community around us.  To contact us about hosting or for more information, fill out the form below. 


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