The biggest problem in the world is that we are isolated from all the parts of our lives that are worth living. We live in a culture where we don’t talk to our neighbors, know where our food comes from, or trust the institutions our society depends on. Furthermore, we are rarely encouraged to develop our gifts to contribute to the world around us in deeply meaningful ways.
— Russell Evans, Founder of Transition Lab

At Transition Lab, we know that we all have the ability to create a more beautiful world. Taking the first step is simple: We start by reshaping our lives to meet our needs through relationship instead relying exclusively on money and the global economy. 

By building relationships with everything around us since 2010, we have created affordable housing, grown abundant food locally, addressed the issues we care about as citizens, started small businesses, and discovered, developed, and used our gifts to create a more beautiful world. 

Are you ready to bring your gifts to life?