Walking as Men- How to Practice Healthy Masculinity


It is hard to know how to be a man these days. If a boy is lucky, he has masculine and feminine elders that surround him through adolescence and provide healthy ways for him to be initiated as a man. However, because it is often taboo to talk about some of the things young men are most interested in, like sex, we avoid these subjects. This leaves our kids with no choice but to figure things out on their own with the help of the Internet.


This summer, Transition Lab brings back rites of initiation for young men with the course “Walking As Men.” This course will be led by Russell Evans with the help of elders who can help young men explore and discover their masculinity in healthy ways. The course will explore topics like:

Is it possible to be strong and vulnerable at the same time?

We love attention from women and women love confidence in men. So how do we be assertive while also being respectful and sensitive?

What about sex, dating, and porn?

What is it like to kill an animal for food?

Being part of a team and providing for our friends and family can be a lot of work. What does it feel like to work this way?

How do we know what we want to do and who we want to be?

During the four-day intensive from June 20th to June 23rd, students will try to find their own answers to these questions as we hike in the woods, work on a farm, and go on a vision quest. All food will be provided but students will need to bring their own camping gear. There will only be 4 spaces available to young men ages 13-19. Full and Partial Scholarships are available.

The cost will be $495. To apply or for more information contact Russell@transition-lab.com or fill out the form below. 

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