Transition Lab is where ordinary people create small scale solutions designed to address the biggest challenges of our time. 

 Since 2010, we have experimented with small-scale models that create employment, affordable housing, local food production, community engagement, and develop leadership. If you want to build a future based on self-reliance and creativity, Transition Lab is the place you're looking for.  

If you are a Young and Energetic Dreamer that wants to Contribute Positively and Passionately to the World, we would love to hear from you. We offer a 10 week summer program and a 7 month intensive in which student/co-creators help replicate existing models of resilience while learning the skills that support these. The skills fall into the five broad categories of Food, Housing, Employment, Community, and Knowledge of Self. By both teaching and living in models of resilience, students will become Systems-Thinkers. During the program, students will be encouraged and supported to build their own micro- businesses as entrepreneurs. We believe that by teaching skills of true resilience and empowering a generation of creative individuals, there is the potential to build a more just, equitable, and fun world right now.


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