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The Gift Economy and Transition Lab

At Transition Lab, we face an irony: While building a new economy, we still need to charge tuition in order to pay our bills in the old economy. Yet, the students who would benefit the most from our program don't have a lot of money, because the traditional economy isn't working out for them. It’s a double bind that is preventing the new economy to take off.

In 2014 we took an innovative leap to break this cycle by offering Gift Economy Tuition in our Co-Creator Program. Based on our success with this we will continue offering a limited number of positions in the gift economy in 2015. 

Here are the Rules:

Now, let’s talk about gifts for a moment so that we are all on the same page: We are completely unwilling to give handouts. We want to gift our time, energy, and resources to folks who have the potential to transform what we offer them into something extraordinary- To people who give generously to us in whatever ways they can. People who we share a heart connection with.

Working at Transition Lab requires us to bring our gifts to the forefront of our lives- like sharing our ideas, opening up our homes, or offering food from our garden. So we ask that whatever gift you offer us, that it come from that same place of deep offering. Ultimately this is an exercise for you to discover what you are on this planet for- and by putting your gift into practice, you will start doing the most important thing you could ever do in this life.

It is also important that your gift is honorable and fair. It costs us $12,500 to have a student in our 7 month program. Before your apply, really consider how both our teachers (who are willing to take salary cuts for this experiment) and our students (who are paying tuition) could feel that your gift is fair and generous.  

We can imagine plenty of examples of gift offerings that might be amazing. Let’s say there’s somebody out there who is a massage therapist, a montessori teacher, or a chef. If that person said, “I’d love to be part of your program and could give massages to all your staff and students each week, or start a preschool for your children, or would cook everybody meals twice a week” then we’d be really interested. Or maybe you could do some of those things, and pay some cash too. It’s up to you to be creative.

So, now you understand the "rules" for the opportunity of a lifetime, fill out the form on the right- and we’ll get in touch.

We also ask that the universe that if you are not a student, but genuinely appreciate what we are up to, that you help us sponsor a student

Here is how to Apply:

To submit a proposal for Gift Tuition at Transition Lab, please fill out the form below. We will follow up with you shortly about your proposal and let you know if we think it works for us. If there's a good possibility that it's going to work, we'll send you the regular 'ol application for the program. From there, we'll make a final decision and hopefully get you into the co-creator program.

Be Well, and Get Gifting. 

Name *
It costs us $12500 to run the program for a student in the co-creator program. What is a gift that you could offer Transition Lab and what do you think it is worth? You don't necessarily need to answer this in economic terms, but in ways that would be both meaningful to you and to us.
Keep in mind that with Skilled Resident work-trade, farm work, and classes, your base time commitment is already already 40 hrs per week.
If you feel that you could offer your gift as well as some monetary payment for the program, how much do you think is reasonable to pay?
Finally, we strongly encourage you to start a personal crowdfunding campaign to raise money from your community and personal connections. This can be an exercise in receiving gifts from your community as well as Giving Back to them what you've learned from our program. We'll share our experience and send you a starter guide to help you in this, and you can even fundraise on our site. Would you be interested in Fundraising for this project?