How much does tuition cost? How long do classes run?

Tuition for our Co-Creator program is $12,500. Classes begin in Mid March, and end October 25th. 

Tuition for the Summertime Skilled Resident Intensive is $4,750. Classes begin June 8th, and end August 8th.


Is Transition Lab worth the cost?

So, Is Transition Lab worth the cost?

Check out the video- but here are the basics:

Here are two ways that your investment can pay for itself within a year:

1. We will teach you how to set up yourself up as a skilled resident. Instead of paying $500 or more per month of rent in most urban areas, you'll get free rent, utilities, and usually food in exchange for 10-15 hours of work a week. Do this for around year and you'll have broken even. It gets even better... 

2. Since you will have your basic needs covered for just 10-15 hours a week of work, you can dedicate the rest of your time to starting your own business. Transition Lab will have already introduced you to successful entrepreneurs, demonstrated working business models, and taught you the skills to launch your own green business. How much is the freedom to have all your basic needs met, plus the skills to empower your dreams worth?

What does tuition cover?

All courses, all activities, and most of your food. Your rent will be arranged by a program (and successful business that was born at TL) While you won't have to buy any veggies, greens, or fruit while you are with us, you will need to go to the store to supplement your diet. We hope that you'll forgive us for not creating a completely local organic grain mill or ClifBar factory...yet.  

Do you offer any financial aid or scholarships?

We are working with the Montrose Community Foundation and other donors to create a scholarship fund that would cover up to half the cost of tuition in our Co-Creator Program. We have found that there are plenty of people who want invest in Transition Lab- especially if they get the opportunity to support folks to want to invest in themselves and their community. Basically what we are saying is that we can work with you to make this happen. 

Is Transition Lab accredited?

We looked into the accreditation process and ran into the 40% problem. To accredit anything adds roughly 40% to the cost of tuition. Maintaining accreditation also adds about 40% more work to what we are doing. At this time, we feel like it is more valuable to focus on refining our models and saving our students money. Besides, none of our models of resiliency require a degree for their success. We imagine however, that if you do seek higher education, you could present a portfolio of all you accomplished with us and get some transfer credit.  

Is Transition Lab a non-profit?

Nope. We want the future to be sustainable- which means self powered. We want to generate all our revenue by ourselves instead of constantly needing to rely on big donors and grants for our long term success. Also, Non-profits have to operate under a narrow set of rules to achieve their tax-free status. We decided early on that we would have much more freedom to do things like be politically active if Transition Lab were a business. It is a trade-off, but we don't mind local tax revenue going to things like roads and fire departments in exchange for the freedom to be adventurous. 


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