Permaculture Instructor: As part of our Summertime Intensive we offer a Permaculture Design Course and this year we want to modify it to focus specifically on urban integration of Permaculture Models. The course would be co-taught with Kris Holstrom who has already taught and led several PDC's with Transition Lab. You're role would be to work with Kris to design, organize, and teach this year's PDC for our 2015 program. In exchange for teaching and organizing this year's PDC, we would reduce your tuition costs at Transition Lab in our Co-Creator Program down to $2000 (and there are also scholarships available to meet this cost).  Our goal is to also hire this person as staff at Transition Lab for our 2016 program. 

Other responsibilities would include helping to maintain several Permaculture gardens that we have already planted in our community (and are contracted to work on and maintain every year). Again, our intention is for this person to eventually take over these garden contracts as their own business in 2016. 

Webpage Designer: Once every couple weeks, somebody approaches us and asks us if we could help them find a skilled resident in a distant community. We have started developing a website called that would be like AirBnb, except for arranging long-term co-housing relationships based on work trades. We are willing to offer complete gift economy tuition for our Summertime Intensive to anybody who is willing to put in sweat equity on the project. 

Designer and Builder: One of the mentors of Transition Lab has developed a way to build a tiny house for $2000 - $3000 and assemble it in a couple of days. The design is energy efficient and easily scalable. We’d also love to see more affordable housing built that didn’t just use the cheapest materials around, but instead used entirely new models of building that were more elegant (like tiny house communities). Our local Habitat for Humanity chapter loves the idea, so we want to pour energy in this direction. We’ll see where it leads us.

Eldercare Provider: In 2014, a skilled resident Zach Nielsen, exchanged his rent with Audrey for helping her out around the house and providing companionship. It’s a model that we want to scale up and work to make profitable. No medical experience is necessary, just kindness, a desire to play board games, and a willingness to work with elders in the community. We imagine this student to be between 40 and 60 years old.

Tailor/ Fashion Designer: We’d love somebody who could either make clothing from scratch, or upscale used items. We imagine this student to be younger and wanting to start a local clothing line. Their experience with Transition Lab would give them the economic models to pull this off profitably- and we’d all love to wear clothes like this too! We’re even willing to exchange clothes to offset some of the tuition costs.

Cooks: People need to eat, and there is no better way to build community than by breaking bread with them. If you have basic cooking skills, we want you here.

Massage Therapist: Most massage therapists are chronically underemployed, but massage is something that everybody needs more of. We know that at the core of this problem is how dollars are scarce in this economy. (Most people don't have $100 to spend regularly on holistic health). We also know, that when people exchange skills for rent (like massage), then we can provide a lot of benefits for everybody involved. So, if you are a massage therapist, and are tired of scrambling to pay for rent, we can take care of both, reduce your overhead, and provide you with clients. It’s a no-brainer.

Other ideas? If have another idea and want to be involved with our program, let us know. The most important characteristic of folks at Transition Lab is that they want to build a better future. If that’s you, let us know.

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