Summer Skilled Resident Intensive:  

May 27th- August 12th

Cost: $500- $5275

(This price includes arrangements for food and Rent Exchanges) 

There are five available spaces in the Skilled Resident Intensive in 2016. This program teaches the necessary skills and mindset to create resilience and right livelihood. The course covers the essential Transition Lab curriculum of Local Food, Affordable Housing, Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement, and Knowledge of Self. This program also includes a two week Permaculture Design Certificate and other summer courses. Empowered with the skills and experience necessary to build a resilient future, students will graduate with the title of “Skilled Creator”. At this point, you will have all the skills necessary to live on zero dollar rent, do what you love, and build a better future whether you are returning to college or traveling the world. 


If you want to attend Transition Lab, you have to pay something because we want all participants to buy in with their commitment to the program. However, we are able to offer scholarships that would cover almost the entire cost of the program.

Let's say that you can only afford to pay $2000 and need a scholarship for $3225. Most of the scholarship money we have worked for has come from members of our community. They donated to us because they want to see young people come and make Montrose a better place. So, instead of just applying for a scholarship, you will have to have a conversation with a committee made up of donors where you say, "I would like you to gift me a scholarship worth  __________, and I plan to gift _________, _________, and _________ back to the community in exchange for this money."  

That which you gift back to the community should be exactly that- a gift. Maybe your gift is cooking and you could help out with the local soup kitchen several nights a week. Perhaps you could provide free daycare for low-income single parents. This is a rare opportunity to do something beautiful in exchange for a lot of money. It will also be both a challenge and a growing experience for you because the committee will ask that your gift be fair and reasonable. Because of this, during the application process, we will be proactive with you to think about what you can realistically offer when you get here so that all parties truly feel that they have been given a gift. 


Summer Program for Locals  


COST: $150- $3500

This summer we are offering a Modified Version of the Skilled Resident Intensive for high schoolers (16 and Older)  

The course curriculum is exactly the same as the Summertime Intensive minus the housing component. Students spend three days a week with us and are still afforded the time to have a job. 

This is a chance for younger students to mature and grow this summer. By practicing doing things that they love in the presence of their peers and mentors, students face the responsibility and challenges that arise when we bring our passions to life. It is a journey of learning how to resolve conflicts, improve our focus, and grow into who we are meant to be. There will be an informational meeting for Parents and Students May 9th at 7PM at the Proximity Space in Downtown Montrose. Please RSVP by filling out the form below. 

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