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Co-Creator Training-     March 22nd - October 25th   Tuition: $12,500

In 2014, we are filling five positions to build a powerful team of co-creators that will work together the entire growing season to develop local resilience and pioneer new economic models. This program is the most immersive offering, spanning the entire growing season. The curriculum covers local food production, low-cost housing and infrastructure, entrepreneurship, community engagement, and knowledge of self. For a full list of courses that students will take in the Co-Creator training, including a Permaculture Design Certificate, visit  

While attending Transition Lab, students will pay $0 rent living as Skilled Residents by employing their skills and talents in collaboration with a host for 10 hours a week in exchange for rent. This directly develops resilience in our community on a grassroots level while supporting our students indefinitely. Following the program, students can continue living the skilled resident model wherever and for as long as they choose to, making use of to promote themselves and connect with their optimal hosts.

Our program culminates with students developing their own small businesses that put resilience skills and regenerative economic practices into practice beyond Transition Lab. Co-Creators will graduate with the ability to provide a right-livelihood for themselves and those around them regardless of what happens in the current economy.

Skilled Resident Intensive + Small Business Creation Intensive: September - October

There is an opportunity for students in our Skilled Resident Program to remain at Transition Lab through the Autumn to get help and mentorship launching their own small business. This course inherently needs to be self-directed. Therefore, if you are interested in working with us in September and October, please contact us with a proposal and we will work with you on a case by case basis.

In 2014 we are offering 3 distinct courses designed to help you create a more beautiful, fun, and just world wherever you are. 

Below you will find basic descriptions of each. To apply or receive a digital copy of the course catalogue with full course descriptions please visit our contact page. 

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Summer Skilled Resident Intensive:        

June 8th- August 8th Tuition: $4750

Like the Co-Creator Training, the Skilled Resident Intensive teaches the necessary skills and mindset to create resilience and right livelihood- but in a shorter duration. The course covers the essential Transition Lab curriculum of Food Production, Community Engagement, Affordable Housing, Employment, and Knowledge of Self. This program also includes a two week Permaculture Design Certificate. Empowered with the skills and experience necessary to build a resilient future, students will graduate with the title of “Skilled Resident”. Transition Lab will then help students find hosts through so that you can get straight to work with Zero Dollar Rent, Doing What You Love, and Building a Better Future whether you are returning to college, or traveling the world.